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George Dimitriadis
BSc (UNSW), DHom (Syd), DHom MCCH (Eng), FHom (UK),GHIH (Syd)

Promoting health through Homœopathy
in Sydney and beyond
Since 1985



Jacqualine Dimitriadis
GDHom (Syd),GHIH (Syd),DNut. (Syd) 

Jacqui, who has also studied nutrition, has been using Homoeopathy in her clinic for the past 30 years and finds it to be the most logical and reliable method for ensuring effective and long lasting results. She has many years experience assisting people of all ages with a variety of health concerns and has a particular interest in improving the health of children and teenagers and also in treating their behavioural problems, including learning difficulties. Jacqui finds it particularly rewarding to see these younger patients thrive, following treatment with Homoeopathy. 

A Few Words from Our Patients…
I have been seeing George since 1996. Over the years, he has treated me for simple conditions such as the common cold to more complex issues. Generally speaking, I feel strong and well, and I believe I wouldn’t be where I am today without his help. George explains everything so I can understand what he is telling me. He is approachable and always on call.  Since I have been using Homeopathy I have not taken any traditional medicine. I have recommended and still recommend George to my family and friends.

George Dimitriadis is by far THE most knowledgeable health professional that I have had an absolute pleasure of meeting, some 19 years ago. He is the ‘go to’ person that I trust completely to guide and treat me across a range of medical ailments which I have had amazing results with. I love that he treats the cause, not only the symptom, which is so overlooked in the medical world. I proudly encourage others to make contact with George, as they often do after having exhausted all medical avenues, popped every pill, and yet with no results and often get worse as a result. I feel so blessed to have come across somebody so well trained and understands how ‘real medicine’ can successfully treat and cure conditions. He has exceptional people skills and a knack for understanding complex medical issues. So real and so ahead of his years… thank you George for kindly keeping me and my loved ones healthy and empowered. 

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