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Frequently Asked Questions

1.Is Homœopathy the same as Naturopathy?

 No it is not the same. Homœopathy is a specialised system where a single medicine is prescribed according to a fixed principle that being the 'law of similars'. This involves matching the symptoms of the patient with a medicine capable of producing similar symptoms. The most similar medicine is also called the 'similimum' and will always produce the best outcome.


2. Are there any side effects?

There are no side-effects to homœopathic medicines. This is because they are prepared in a special process known as dilution and potentisation.  This process ensures that our medicines are on the one hand sufficiently dilute so as not to contain any toxic material but at the same time highly active and easily absorbed by the body, when carefully prescribed for each individual.


3. Do the medicines taste bad?

The medicines do not have an unpleasant taste and are easy to take. They are given in either liquid form- drops diluted in water or as tiny slightly sweet tasting pills. Either way they are easy to swallow by children and the elderly alike.


4. How long will it take for me to be better?

In an acute (recent) condition the effects of the correct homœopathic medicine are sometimes very rapid, almost instantaneous. In other cases an accurate prescription will shorten the intensity and lessen the severity of an acute illness.

 In a long term chronic illness homœopathic treatment is not always a quick fix.  Homœopathy does not attempt to mask the symptoms of the illness. The time it takes to be completely well depends greatly on the patient’s history and is generally in proportion to the duration of the illness. In saying this it is also true that the improvement in the case of a long term chronic condition is a gradual one and patients often feel a marked improvement within days or weeks of commencing their medicine, with a gradual but steady ongoing improvement over weeks, months and sometimes years.


5. How often will I need to come in for an appointment?

Generally speaking you will need to come in for a return visit every 2-4 weeks, though this depends on your condition. The homœopath will assess your situation at the time of the first consultation.


6. Do I need to stop drinking coffee/ stop other prescription medication etc.

No, we specifically ask our patients to make no changes to their usual routine. In that way our medicine is the only variable and we can easily assess any effects it may have had. So patients may continue the coffee but not suddenly increase the number of cups and like-wise with prescription meds. The correctly chosen homœopathic medicine will act regardless.

7. Do we sell medicines over the counter?

We are not a pharmacy and therefore dispense medicines for our patients only. Medicines for external patients can only be supplied with a prescription on the letterhead of the prescribing practitioner.

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